General customers who are not event participants are also in the venues of "Yomiuri Land" and "HANA・BIYORI".

Be sure to follow the rules so that both the participants and the general public can have a good time.

● [Circos] Circle Cosplay Zone Participants will enter/exit through the "Aurora Gate" instead of the "Sky Gate" at Yomiuri Land's normal entrance. In addition, HANA・BIYORI are enter/ exit through the entrance in Yomiuriland.

Please note that you cannot enter or exit through Yomiuriland’s the "Sky Gate" or HANA・BIYORI's "Entrance Gate".

When entering the park, please line up in the waiting line in front of the "Aurora Gate" according to the staff's instructions.

● [Circos] One ticket is required for each person regardless of age to participate in the Circle Cosplay Zone.

When you enter the park, you will be given an admission pass and a wristband, so please be sure to wear the wristband on your wrist and carry the admission pass with you while in the park. (Please remove the wristband at the Aurora Gate when leaving the park).

●Event participation rules are subject to change. Please check this page if you plan to participate.

▼ Make-up and changing clothes are prohibited outside of the designated areas.

・Entering or leaving the park while wearing a cosplay is strictly prohibited.

・Please refrain from using make-up or changing clothes in the park restrooms.

▼Regarding costume restrictions

・ Wearing only underwear , or wearing clothes similar to underwear is prohibited.Be careful not to expose underwear.

・If you wear skimpy outfit, please cover it with wearing jacket when you move around the park.

・Please refrain from wearing clothes that other people may find offensive.

・ Actual military uniforms/Self-Defense Forces uniforms, current police officers, security guards, and similar costumes are prohibited. In addition, we may refuse costumes that look like uniforms.

・Cosplay of the characters and people of the stage show held at Yomiuri Land on the day is prohibited. Please check the details on the official website.

・ Please refrain from regularly holding “Kamen Rider”, “Pretty Cure”, “Ultraman”, and “Primaji” cosplay, including past series.

・Please refrain from wearing following costume(current performing at Yomiuriland);

 “Kamen Rider”, “Pretty Cure”, “Ultraman”, and “Primaji”, including past series.

Costumes that general visitors may find offensive may be refused at the discretion of the organizer. Depending on the situation, the staff may ask you to change clothes.

▼Regarding costumes which covers face

・Please refrain from wearing costume that covers whole face. (for security reasons).

・Costumes that limit visibility are allowed only when shooting(please take off at other times)

・Please do not enter places such as stores or ATMs with your face covered.

・As a countermeasure against the new coronavirus, please wear a mask all day except when taking pictures.

▼ Handling of weapons and props

・No real knives or weapons are allowed.

・Be sure to remove BB bullets from model guns.

・We will limit the size of weapons and props to the extent that you can handle them yourself.

・Be careful of your surroundings when shooting or moving.

・When moving, be sure to cover weapons and props with bags or cloth.

▼Regarding areas of shooting photography and staying are prohibited

・Please do not disturb general visitors when taking pictures.

・Because stage shows are being held near Taiyo-no-hiroba, it is prohibited to stay or take pictures.

 It is prohibited to stay or take pictures around Taiyo-no-hiroba as stage shows are being held whole day.

  , Especially, please be careful when the performing are on stage.

・ Please refrain from shooting for commercial use or profit. (Even if it is a small amount, if it is used for something that involves giving and receiving money, it will be considered as a commercial purpose.)

▼ About shooting in the area of eating and drinking space

・ Only when eating and drinking is the main purpose, it is possible to take a selfie with a smartphone. However, the following acttions are prohibited.

(1) Actions that cause inconvenience to other customers

(2) Taking a photo with an angle of view where other customers are reflected

(3) Sitting for long time or using the seats without purchasing products

Staff may ask you the purpose while you’re in this area.

▼Equipment use

・ Basically, it is prohibited to use self-supporting equipment without holding hands.

Example 1: For light stand

Use of the light stand is prohibited unless there is another person supporting the light stand while the photographer is shooting.(if someone is supporting the light stand, it can be used).

Example 2: Tripod

It can be used if the cameraman can support the tripod himself or if someone else supports it.

However, it is premised on not occupying the place or obstructing traffic.

・The use of selfie sticks in attractions is prohibited.

▼ About shooting etiquette

・Please be careful not to occupy the place for a long time or obstruct traffic.

・Be sure to obtain the subject's permission before shooting.

・Please refrain from excessive flash photography.

・Please refrain from taking pictures inside plants, flowerbeds, or in areas where entry is


▼About the luggage storage area

・ The organizer and the venue will not be held responsible for any damage, loss or theft in the luggage storage area. Please be sure to manage your valuables by yourself.

▼Regarding nuisance

・ If you have witnessed nuisances such as unauthorized shooting, molestation, or stalking, please contact the staff.


・ If you do not follow the participation rules and staff instructions, you may be asked to leave immediately.

・If you damage the facility and its equipment, you will be responsible for the repair costs.

・ Refunds are not possible under any circumstances.

・Ride tickets are not included in the price of ticket, so please purchase them separately. (Depending on the cosplay, you may not be able to use the attraction. If you wish to use it, please follow the instructions of the staff at each attraction.)

・ The organizer and the venue will not be held responsible for any accidents or troubles that occur in the venue.

This event will be held in an amusement park, so please be considerate of everyone.